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With no capital outlay you can benefit from significant savings straight away....

What Are The Benefits?

By improving route planning, minimising idling time, restricting unauthorised vehicle use and mileage and identifying unnecessary fuel consumption, it recently saved a relatively small fleet of 16 Transit vans £46,300 per annum.

This equates to a saving of more than £500,000 for a fleet of 200 vehicles and more than £1 million per annum for fleets of 400+.

However, as a solutions company we are interested to understand your own measures, KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and costs so that we can help you utilise the system in a way that will deliver a return which is personal to your business.

Typical benefits:

  • Cost savings and no capital outlay & Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced mileage and fuel usage
  • Better job allocation (for delivery drivers and field engineers)
  • More accurate expense claims (with no chance of drives making false claims)
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Benefits of Fleetrac

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