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Our unique web-based vehicle tracking system has far reaching financial and operational benefits for fleets large and small. For no capital outlay you can benefit from significant savings straight away....


How Does It Work?

As a real time system, which shows live data fed directly from your vehicle fleet, our web-based vehicle tracking system provides a level of monitoring which we believe is unsurpassed.

Once a vehicle is fitted with a black box, the fleet manager can log into a secure web site to monitor the vehicle’s movement and activity in real time.

With a vast array of reports and tracking data online, it gives you total control of your fleet enabling you to save significant sums of money and achieve far greater operational efficiency.

What Does It Do?

Delivering outstanding return on investment for fleets from 1 vehicle up to several thousand, we offer an approach which is second to none.

  • Daily reports – summarising a 24 hour period for each vehicle including start / end times, amount of time spent driving, amount of time the vehicle is stopped, idling time, journey times. Ideal for managing your health and safety obligations, such as working hours and taking breaks as well as managing your fleet and your staff.
  • Accurate journey data so that you can match mileage claims and working hours against expense claims and salaries with pinpoint accuracy. Reports show that false expense claims cost UK business in excess of £1 billion per annum and this ensures you only pay for valid mileage.
  • Late start and non journey reports – identifying every vehicle which began its first journey after an appointed start time and whether a vehicle has been used at all - particularly important for commercial vehicle operators.
  • Key point allocation – the ability to set up your own key locations on an online map which means you can measure how often, and for how long, a driver has visited that location – e.g. a key customer, office, depot or whether they have simply spent too much time at a favourite café!
  • Live information regarding every vehicle’s location, enabling you to allocate the nearest driver to the next job
  • Idling report – an excellent tool for the haulage sector, potentially saving significant sums on fuel.
  • Over speed report – to identify any drivers who have exceeded an agreed limit during the day so that advice can be provided to drivers to ensure they remain within the law.
  • Working time report – identifying vehicles used outside working hours

What does it do