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General Terms & Conditions

  • All goods and services described on this site are subject to change without notice.
  • All offers are subject to availability and maybe changed or withdrawn at any time
  • All goods must be delivered to the customer’s credit checked address
  • All contract orders are accepted subject to satisfactory proofs of identity being provided.
  • Should you disconnect from the chosen network or default on airtime payments within six months of purchase or not use the sin card in the phone provided writing the first 90 days of supply you will be charged the full retail price of the equipment
  • By purchasing from Str8talk you agree to remain on the selected tariff for a minimum 18 or 24 month period.
  • We reserve the right at anytime to refuse or reject any order for whatever reason.
  • We shall in no circumstances be liable to you for any consequential loss.
  • None of our terms and conditions affect your statutory rights

Payment for Goods and Services

Goods and promotional products supplied by us remain our property until the goods have been paid for in full. If payment is declined, or is not honoured by your bank either before or after despatch of goods/services, we will treat the order as cancelled.

Mobile Number Transfer

Should your mobile number transfer be delayed, we cannot be held responsible for any delay occurring after our initial setting up of the procedure with the relevant network, as the mobile number transfer is then entirely the responsibility of the networks and/or service providers involved.

Should your mobile number transfer span over two separate calendar months we cannot be held responsible for any tariff or line rental charges imposed by the mobile phone networks and service providers.

We may impose a non-refundable administration fee for number transfers and our Customer Service Team will provide you with further information about your proposed number transfer to establish any costs involved. Note: some service providers will charge you to take your number away.

Should your handset be disconnected for any reason, including a change of mind, your transferred mobile number can be lost and become irretrievable. We are not liable under any circumstances for the loss of a transferred mobile number. Transferring a mobile number is provided at your request and at your own risk.

Number transfers to the Vodafone network will incur a particular delay owing to the requirements imposed by this network. If you have requested a number transfer into Vodafone, your phone will take up to 72 hours for delivery, and you may have to wait up to 7 days from receipt for the transferred number to be active on the new phone.

Please note that Str8talk reserves the right to charge a £30 administration fee to any customer who cancels or returns a handset after already requesting a number transfer. This charge is to cover the administrative costs of arranging the number transfer.

Your First Business Mobile Phone Bill

All mobile phone networks charge their line rentals (monthly charges) in advance and their call charges in arrears.

This means that when you get your first mobile phone bill you will have a full month’s line rental, plus a bit more, depending on when your billing date is. This can be a bit of a shock if you are not expecting it!

For example, if we connect your new business mobile phone on the 15th of the month, and your billing date is set up by the network to be the 1st of the month (This is automatic and cannot be altered or changed by us) then you will receive your first bill with one and a half months worth of line rental on it. This does not affect your contract length and is an Industry Standard method of setting up your new Business Mobile Plan.

Returns & Refunds Policy

Your 7 day cancellation period starts from the date of connection as stated on your invoice details.

Please do not remove or break any seals or accessories included within the boxes until you have read the terms and conditions of your contract.

Should you use your phone to make or receive calls, send text or picture messages or take photographs or video clips you are accepting the terms and conditions of your agreement. You are unable to return this handset for cancellation under our 7-day peace of mind returns policy if you have used your mobile phone handset in any way. You will also be liable for any airtime and contract charges that may apply.

After 7 days we cannot accept a return of your handset and cancellation of your mobile phone contract.

We reserve the right to charge and administration fee of up to £50 for any returned handset.

Some phone features such as photo and Video messaging are Network dependant. The Networks do not support all handsets for all the features it may have. A typical example of this is the Nokia 6650 which has the ability to send picture messages but is not supported by Vodafone or O2 and therefore although the phone is capable the function will not work. Should you require a particular feature from your new handset please ensure this is supported by your chosen Network. We are unable to exchange goods for the above reason once the 7 day contract cancellation period has expired.

Terms of Business